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Although it lies slightly south of the bustle of downtown Santa Barbara, it is in a realm all its own.  The community protects its magnetism by maintaining tranquil tree-lined streets, picturesque landscapes, unequaled privacy and quaint, upscale shopping. 

There is only one traffic light in town, and the population of 10,000 is intent on keeping Montecito small and charming, while retaining a sophisticated, old-world feel.  Montecito is both a landmark and a destination, and those who have found it are not apt to leave.


Montecito exhibits a stunning stretch of coastline from Butterfly Beach south to Fernald’s Point.  You can find cozy, modest cottages to extravagant beachfront estates that will surpass your imagination.  Montecito Union School, MUS, the local public elementary is known for being one of the best in the nation, and properties within their attendance area are at a premium.

The outdoor landscapes, hiking trails, breathtaking views, beaches, estates, and the overall caliber of Montecito will inspire you and will never disappoint.

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